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Brand Identity and Domain Names

Brand Identity and Domain Names

What are you known for?  Your ability to answer this question clearly and generically tells the listener you have a brand identity and strategy in play.  When you hear the name Nintendo you think of family communal arcade entertainment.  Notice how when you think of...

Just in case you got too excited.

What is Freehold Domains?

Freehold Domains is a premium domain name market place created spefically for startups and entrepreneurs seeking a brandable domain name they can grow a business with.

Why lease a premium domain name with Freehold Domains?

It's all about staying ahead of your competition.  A premium domain name gives you a competative advantage in three core areas: branding, credibility, and search engine optimization.  Oh, did we mention eliminating the copy cats on social media.

What's our leasing process?

1. Select the domain and apply for a lease agreement.  2.  Verify use and review terms.  3. Sign agreement and make first payment.

What features will you have access to while leasing?

You have full access as a New Domain Manager.  You will be able to perform all the tasks similar to a domain owner, except Share & Transfer the domain.  You will not be able to change WHOIS or ICANN ownership info.

Do we offer monthly financing?

Buy the digital asset you love.  We offer up 24 months interest free.  Talk to our Finance Team.

Do we use escrow services?

Yes we do.  We use, Payoneer and partnership domain registrars.

Our trusted internet escrow & digital payment processors.