What are you known for?  Your ability to answer this question clearly and generically tells the listener you have a brand identity and strategy in play. 

When you hear the name Nintendo you think of family communal arcade entertainment.  Notice how when you think of Nintendo you imagine family fun that is nonviolent, happy, and aerobic.  This brand identity was carefully cultured and narrated from the boardroom to social media advertisements.  Even choosing what shade of red for Mario’s cap. This is all brand identity. 

 In the age of social media advertising and product – service awareness campaigns, once you put it out there on the internet, it is kind of hard to call you error – branding, back.  So, what should you consider when choosing a domain name and contemplating your overall branding strategy?

Mario™ Nintendo Corporation

Where to begin with domain name brand strategy

deally your domain name brand strategy should be the sum of your business culture, philosophy, values and inspires the beingness of why your business exist.  It is the reason why your brand exists.  This may sound too abstract or hard. It’s not.  A great domain name will inspire HR, management, your product or services development, marketing and even help you with key performance indicators. Consider the Mario Brothers example. What if Mario’s hat was brown?  How would the introduction of that color fair with customers?  Your domain name brand strategy is what you’re imagining to be now and in the future minds of your customers.

Start with the big questions such as:

  • Can I build a brand around this domain name?
  • Will this domain name help define why we (our brand) exist?
  • How can this domain name advertise why we (our brand) matter?
  • Will this domain name speak to my customers’ needs?
  • Will this domain name set us apart and be meaningful to our customers?
  • When the customers hear or read our domain name, what will they think?

Keep in mind, building brand identity is not a one off.  You are consistently presenting to existing and potential customers, you are the solution they are looking.  All of you branding narrates this story line.

Mario™ Nintendo Corporation

Keep it 100%

Yes, Nintendo is family fun entertainment.  But at the end of the day, they want customers to have an emotional connection with their products and services and make another purchase.

The benefits of developing your own core brand

It defines and aligns your future direction: It straightens out the wishy washy of your messaging, establish your visual identity and differentiates your business products or services.

You can create brand loyalty: Creating a brand from a clear and simple idea will resonate with you target audience, creating interest, lead to a purchase and finally brand loyalty.  This occurs when your brand develops a strong emotional identifiable relationship between your customers and your brand’s ideas.

Give your business a competitive advantage: Having one core brand identity communicates to your customers and competitors what exactly sets your apart.

Creates value:  A core brand identity removes confusion for all stakeholder and cements what your brand stands for.

Great brand identity compliments your visual identity:  Logos, colors, texture of images, and the context of the language used.

Achieve more with a premium domain in your branding.

There is true power in establishing and maintaining your brand identity.  If you’re seeking to define your brand or want to pivot to another look, our team of strategist welcome the opportunity to explore with you.  Get in touch with us today.