A Great Online Name  should capture your audience.

This domain name has six attributes. You can build a brand around it.

We grade a premium domain name by attributes.  More Attributes, more value. 

What makes a premium domain name valuable?

“When a domain name is easier to build a brand around, it’s more recognizable and therefore, more valuable.” – 7/6/2021

More Attributes,  More Value.

Stay competitive with a domain name loaded with attributes.  

Top-Level Domains

The number one domain extension used for busieness is .COM.  All the Fortune 500 companies have .COM extensions.


Have your own branding signature. Be distinct, peculiar, exclusive.  Unusual and special has always been uiqnue. 


A great domain name leaves an instant impression for a purchase.  Be worthy of remembering.  


Get much advantage and benefit from having a domain name geared to everyone online searches.  


Be concise, brief, succint.  Save time on communicating your idea; but broad enough to capture it ion one word.


A name defines how people think of you.  Define your past, present and future in a name.  

Stream like a Pro.

Domain name is descriptive and actionable.

Transcend and inspire into famous.

Buy and lease with confidence.

What is Freehold Domains?

Freehold Domains is a premium domain name market place specializing in brandable domain names for lease or purchase.

Why lease a premium domain name with Freehold Domains?

It's all about staying ahead of your competition.  A premium domain name gives you a competative advantage in three core areas: branding, credibility, and search engine optimization.  Oh, did we increasing your maret share.

What's our leasing process?

1. Select the domain and apply for a lease agreement.  2.  Verify use and review terms.  3. Sign agreement and make first payment.

What features will you have access to while leasing?

You have full access as a New Domain Manager.  You will be able to perform all the tasks similar to a domain owner, except Share & Transfer the domain.  You will not be able to change WHOIS or ICANN ownership info.

Do we offer monthly financing?

Buy the digital asset you love.  We offer up 24 months interest free.  Talk to our Finance Team.

Do we use escrow services?

Yes we do.  We use, Payoneer and partnership domain registrars.

Our trusted internet escrow & digital payment processors.