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Our process to purchase a great domain name.

Domain Buyer Guide

Customers have three ways to purchasing a domain.  The first two, are through our trusted partnerships  domain registrars, Dan.com® and Epik.com®.  The third option is via our Domain Consultant.  Learn more below to discover which of these options work for you.

Our prices

The stated prices is the minimum offer you can purchase a domain for.  We set the minium price to avoid offers below a price point. Through our registrar partners we do offer installment plans.  Note, the installment plan price may be higher than a buy it now price. Also, installment plan pricing will incur broker fees via our registrar partners.


We totally understand our customers desire for security and protection with their online purchases. We’ve partnered with Dan.com and Epik.com for such occassions.  Note, when processing a domain purchase via a partner, there’s an additional charge.  Click here to learn more about there respective processing fees.  Dan.com I Epik.com 

DM Consultant

We always enjoy working directly with our customers and they save between 9 to 10% in broker fees.  Here’s our process:

  1. We issue an invoice
  2. Payment is confirmed and received
  3. You select the registrar.  Or, you have the option to open an account with our registrar.
  4. We process the transfer and email you the Authorization Code for the domain transfer.
  5. Usually within 24 – hours, the domain is under your control with the domain registrar you designated.
Payment options

Either directly or through our partners we accept the following payment types:  Bank wire, Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoins

Once payment is received

Once payment is complete, you’ll receive the domain Authorization Code.  Please note, that every domain extension and registrar have different processes.  

Our Trusted Partners

Purchase and transfer with confidence