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Market Trends:  The In 2020, the global logistics market was worth almost 8.6 trillion U.S. dollars. North America was the second largest region in that year, accounting for approximately two trillion U.S. dollars.

Logistics in Asia-Pacific

With roughly 3.9 trillion U.S. dollars in size, the logistics market in the Asia Pacific region is the largest one globally. The Asia-Pacific region has the most postal offices in the world as well. The leading position of the region in the logistics industry could be explained mostly because of the importance of the region in supplying most of the necessary trade goods globally. Since it was highly cost-effective for western companies to start moving the entire production of goods to less-developed countries in Asia, most of the companies today have their entire facilities performing from Asian countries. The expansion of trade routes and the shift of industrial production towards Asian countries contributed to the logistic market’s development immensely. Yet, when one looks at the distribution of leading logistics firms by the origin of the country, the leading firms are non-Asian headquartered. Besides, the Asia Pacific region has the world’s largest ports which grow at a continuous rate. PSA International, Hutchison Port Holdings, China Cosco Shipping and China Merchants Ports are four major marine terminal operators from the region.  -Statista