Purchasing a Domain

What is a Premium Domain?

A premium domain name is a high-quality domain that have a variety of qualities that allow it to outperform others, helping users find the website they’re looking for.  The five key attributes of a quality domain name are:

  • Trustworthy TLD ( top-level-domain)
  • Brevity
  • Generic value
  • Contains key words and high domain authority (SEO)
  • Brandability
How do I pay for a domain name?

We use trusted third party escrow services for most transactions. These services include licensed escrow services and attorneys.

The exact details for payment will depend on the terms in the purchase agreement.

How long does it take to acquire a domain name?

Each domain is purchase different.

Normally purchases take only a few days (from the time terms are agreed), others may take a week or up to a month.

Can we submit an offer on a domain name with a stated price?

Great question.

Yes you can submit an offer for a domain you’re interested in. Simply contact us.

Can my domain name purchase be kept quiet (NDA)?


We can provide a NDA or sign yours.  Confidentiality is paramount.

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