How much is a cup of coffee?

In the U.S the average cup of coffee hovers around $3.24. If you purchase from a gourmet or specialty shop, you can expect to pay as high as $6 per cup or more. Let’s keep it conservative at $6 per cup. You can own a premium domain name for around $12 to $24 dollars a day.

Often people ask, how much should I pay for a premium domain name? At first thought, what your pockets can tolerate. I recall a few years back a trainer on the east coast loosing his domain simply because he failed to renew it. And guess what, the length was four letters. As many of us know who are in the industry know, a four letter or length domain name can yield great returns. The trainer expressed his disappointment to me about loosing it. It was understandable. He had sweat and branding equity in it. So, we (Freehold Domains) branded a work around for him; a new domain name, that captures SEO nuances for the city operates in, market sector and it add more appeal to his brand. We presented an offer to him, at a discount, for $5,000, with installments. Needless to say, he baulked at the idea of having to pay $5,000. I thought to myself, then, how is it that people who claim to be serious business owners, are disillusioned about how much it really cost to make and maintain a business as a going concern.

For as low as twenty-four dollars

I recall in 1995 paying $50 per day for a kiosk outside of a well know barbershop. In 2022. that amount would be $91.19 per day. So no, it is not unreasonable to pay $24 per day for a high quality, top level, premium domain name. According to CNBC post COVID spending for dining out and taking trips is $765 per month. USAToday reported in 2019 Americans spent $18,000 annually on nonessentials. As you can see, we have the money.